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IncomeLuxe matches you with over 100 income streams and teaches you investing.

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Income Stream House

Earn more using 16 income streams in 14 categories. Full members get 100 income streams with skill and experience matching.


Income Books

Pick up our income structure E-book and Audio Book (for free!), or get our income stream books. Members hear and read onsite (for free).


Affiliate Program

Earn up to 20% of subscriptions with our affiliate program, while being connected with up to 100 income streams.


Wealth Lessons

Learn wealth. 148 audio and text lessons on earning money from Finance, Economics, Investing, Real Estate, Sales, and Artificial Intelligence.


Wealth Books

Learn Investment Processes, Handling Risks, and avoiding scams. Our wealth books equip you to earn more, risk better, and lose less.


Data & Resources

Master your environment with our economic indicators and dataset resources. Always be equipped to invest and earn properly.

Join Our Income Stream Match Making

We’re the Income Stream Match-Making Service aimed at getting you income based on what you can do, and already own. No guessing, no new skills needed, just results. Why take courses that might help you, when you can take custom matched income streams that will help you?! You’ll be connected with income streams from across the internet! Here’s what you get:

100+ Income Stream Guides

Help you find 15 categories of passive and earned income with universal and skillset-based options.

148 Lessons

Help you learn economically driven investing and personal finance, e-commerce, marketing, sales, or real estate. 

40 Economic Datasets

Help you track the US economy without political bias and see direct impact on stocks and bonds.

67 Financial Calculators

Help you calculate personal finances, investment analysis, and risk levels to keep you under financial control.

20% Affiliate Commission Program

Pays you up to 20% of the monthly subscription fee of people you invite, once every quarter. Invite your friends!

Members Only Now

Everything beyond here is members only. Members see:

  1. Over 100 Income Streams in 20 categories.
  2. Income Stream Matchmaking by skills, hobbies, and assets.
  3. Over 148 Wealth Lessons for investing and business.
  4. 6 Wealth & Income Books for reading or listening.
  5. 40 Economic Datasets with impact on asset classes.
  6. 67 Financial Calculators for budgeting and wealth building.
  7. First rights to consulting, matchmaking, and coaching sessions.

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Why IncomeLuxe?

How would tripling your income change your life?
What would 100+ income stream options do for you?
How much would you pay to get both?

We’re a social club that shows you income streams, investment lessons, economic data, financial calculators, and pays commissions for users you invite. Literally no one else does all this. Except Us.

What do you learn? What do you get? Look to the right, young starling.

+ Income Streams

Investment and Business Lessons

Plus Financial Calculators

Tracked Economic Streams

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